Meeting notes for June 25th, 2021
Devil’s Tower Amateur Radio Club

The annual meeting was opened by President Dwayne Allen at 7:09 PM.     

Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Jerry Boone.  He gave the balance in the club bank account, the current number of club members and noted that the Club has now been registered for IRS 501c3 non-profit status.  He suggested that the constitution be modified to set a policy for electronic withdrawals from the club bank account.  Dwayne suggested some proposed language and a discussion then followed.  Eventually, the following wording was agreed upon:

The treasurer shall not set up a direct withdrawal or an electronic transfer of funds in any manner without approval of the Board of Directors.  The permission shall be provided in email form.  This action is a result of a Board of Directors decision and, as such, must be addressed at the next regular club meeting.

A motion was made and seconded.  All members voted in favor, and none opposed

Dwayne then asked the members to accept the minutes from the last meeting which are posted on the website.  Kelly moved to accept the minutes from last month and Chris seconded the motion.  All members voted in favor with none opposed. 



Old business: 

No items were discussed.


New Business: 

Dwayne noted that this is our annual meeting and officers are elected.  He explained that we had enough people present to run the election, so he asked nominations. 

Wade made a motion that according to the Roberts Rules Protocol, he believed that you could cast a unanimous ballot to keep committees as elected.

Dwayne said that it was a good motion and acceptable but that he could not run it and Wade agreed that he could not either.    Then, Kelly Dennis took over and proceeded to conduct the election.  He asked for nominations and Katie made the motion to nominate our existing slate of officers and board of directors to a new two-year term. 

This was seconded by Ken.  Hearing no further discussion, Kelly called for a vote.  All voted in favor, none opposed, and the motion carried. 

A wide-ranging discussion then followed on topics such as annual dues for 2021/22 now being due, plans for the new repeater, possible location of the repeater antenna on the 103.1 FM tower, inventory, and serial numbers of the club-owned property and who had keys to the Sunny Divide building.

Wade made the motion to close the meeting, seconded by Katie.  All members voted in favor with none opposed.  The meeting ended at 7:44PM


Patricia Boone


Archived Minutes: Click Here

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