From WY7FD

I thought it might be nice to have a “From the President” page.  I will try to get something posted here and, via email, monthly.  It will be my thoughts about what is happening and where we are headed.  I hope all will enjoy this and I welcome all feedback.

A lot has happened since our last meeting. 

Devils Tower Amateur Radio Club is the proud owner of two repeaters.  These are used repeaters and we got a great deal on them. They are linked so when we talk into one, both will transmit the received signals. I have been working on the controllers and they are now programmed with the club call, WY7DT as their identification.  Your Vice-President, Wade and I have been working on a site where we can put one of them and we have made some promising headway.  These are 440 repeaters, but the controllers have ports to add a 2-meter system into them as well.  I have the radios and am looking into getting them programmed.

We also have a short tower to place at Sunny Divide.  It was donated by Brian Kassel, K7RE.  We need to do a bit of tweaking to it, but we have a plan to get it up and working for us.  There was a bit of “Project” aluminum in with the donated materials.  From that, I will build a 6-meter antenna for Field Day.  It should be complete by June 13th and be ready to use.

Speaking of Field Day, there was a Field Day planning meeting this past weekend.  Our official PR Person, Katie, WY7YL (she does not know that I have assigned her that position yet) has created a survey to help us with planning.  Please look for her email via our email list and use the link to go to the survey.  It takes less than 2 minutes to complete and will be a great help towards out planning efforts.  Katie will also be submitting an article to the local papers and a spot on KYDT 103.1 FM about Field Day activities.  Our hopes here are to reach others that are not on our email list or don’t visit the website. As a reminder, Field Day is open to all so please bring your family.

We found out last night that there was some miscommunication and we do not have use of the County Emergency Communications trailer like I thought we did.  We will still have the movie night, but it will now take place in the Clubhouse. 

In closing, we have received an official proclamation from the Crook County Commissioners proclaiming the week of Field Day as amateur radio week in Crook County.

I hope to see you all at Field Day.  It’s fun for all.

Dwayne, WY7FD  

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